Company History


The Company first began in 1977 with the excavation and processing of natural sand and gravel in areas of the Villages Alaminos and Mazotos.  In 1985, after the deposits in the above areas where exhausted, the company has moved to areas of the village Agios Theodoros.   

There the company stayed until 1990 since the deposits again were exhausted.  


At the end of 1990, the Company discovered a new kind of material in areas of the Villages Agios Sozomenos and Dhali.  This material, CALCAREOUS LIMESTONE is considered a suitable material for the production of a very good quality SAND which complies the Standard CYS EN 12620:2002 and can be used in the manufacture of concrete, mortar as well as asphalt.

Since 1990, the Company has been involved in all the necessary investments with the purpose of continually increasing its production in order to cover the demand of the market.  As a result, the Company owns the latest machinery and equipment and it has a production capacity of 500 tones per hour.


One of the main aims of the company is always the environment.  Due to that the company installed a fully automated water recycling plant, a unique installation in Cyprus. 

Latouros today is an acclaimed and successful business in the production and trading of sand, and it is the only quarry that sells not only in its own district but in the whole of Cyprus.

Latouros is also certified by the Cyprus Certification Company with CYS EN ISO 9001:2000.  




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